Lifting, Empowering, Guiding, Awarding, and Cultivating our Youth...

Our Vision...

A LEGACY Left Behind, Inc. was launched as a means to prevent grieving adolescent girls from turning to at-risk behavior and self-destructive choices while seeking refuge when an emotional crisis is encountered. The organization provides an atmosphere that motivates our participants to make the right decisions under pressure and is designed to instill values that are guaranteed to have a positive impact on their lives through our activities, programs, and services (creative arts therapy sessions, life skills workshops, self-enrichment programs, and mentorship).

Creative Arts Therapy is an alternative to the traditional "sit and talk" therapy in which counseling sessions are conducted through an expressive non-verbal approach. Art, dance movement, and narrative writing therapies are the main components of our grief support program; The Express Way. The creative arts techniques are designed to teach the girls how to cope with emotional trauma and enhance personal growth. It helps to improve communication and interpersonal skills, resolve conflicts and problems, release stress, and increase self-esteem and self-awareness. The activities range from collages, crafts, drawings, paintings, dance, exercises, and games to journaling, poetry, song writing, and short stories.

In the mind of most pre-teen or teenage girls; hanging out with friends, being popular, having a boyfriend, wearing the perfect make-up, hairstyle, and the latest fashions are essential to life. Our self-enrichment programs acknowledge that this is true to some extent; but, reinforce that there is more to life than material things or being a part of an “in crowd”. The most effective way to address this phase of maturity was creating our five-part model; A Girl's Essentials. It focuses on inspiration, health, education, self-awareness, and community service.

One of our core values is outreach geared towards young ladies who are dealing with other forms of loss or emotional trauma. We engage our participants, parents, mentors, and other volunteers with service projects revolved around girls who are either abused, homeless, children of incarcerated parents, placed in foster care and adoption system, survivors of natural or man-made disasters, or civil war victims. Our commitment to service extends across the Atlantic Ocean to the Republic of Liberia where the organization hopes to launch a rehabilitation center in the near future. The Liberian Girl Project focuses on developing a strategic plan to provide therapeutic, life coaching, and recreational services to children and teens in Liberia. In the meantime, the organization establishes partnerships to provide relief aid to orphanages and low-income youth around the country.

A LEGACY Left Behind Inc.was launched to develop a temperament within our mentees that prevents them from becoming an at-risk statistic. We hope the structure of our activities, programs, and services will be a life changing experience for each participant as she copes with loss and the pressures of being an adolescent. While the aim is to inspire these girls to become ambitious, confident, resilient, and phenomenal young ladies and contributors in society, the greatest desire is for our mentees to have a promising future and leave a LEGACY that will be an inspiration to others.

Core Values...

Grief Support
External Influences
Interpersonal Skills
Financial Literacy